King’s Students take on Cyber Bullies!

PC Kelly Meredith, Cheshire Police’s youth engagement officer, along with her colleague PCSO Phil Hilton visited the academy on Friday to highlight the dangers of the internet and help students cope with and understand harassment online.

“In a social media active culture it’s vital to educate and make children aware of the dangers of online bullying,” said PC Meredith.

“It’s important children learn how to make themselves safe online and how to report an incident.”

During the anti-cyberbullying assembly, students learnt that cyberbullying is when a person is being threatened, teased or abused through technology such as the internet  or mobile phone. Both Officers explained to students how it can be just as harmful and sometimes worse than face to face bullying, as it can be constant and often happens at home, where the person  would normally feel safe.

In addition, she stressed to the students that they play a part in avoiding bullying and other situations that may damage their online reputation and students were given advice on how to report cyberbullying should they need to.

Students listened intently throughout the assembly, asking the officers questions and engaging in discussions surrounding online safety. King’s staff hope the assembly will help students to think about the consequences of cyberbullying and what they post online to make sure they keep themselves and others safe.

If you are a victim of bullying, never respond or get into an argument with the person or group. Save any messages, texts or pictures as they can be used to help the police investigate further if the need arises.
Any threats of violence should be reported to the police.

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