Student Parliament

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Student Parliament allows every King’s student a voice and is an integral part of life at the Academy. All students are encouraged to take an active role in decision-making processes that lead to improving the quality of life and learning at King’s Leadership Academy . The focal point for this is our Student Parliament, made up of representatives from each house and elected cabinet members.

Each learning cycle, student houses discuss issues and proposals that they feel need to be considered. Two representatives from each house present these proposals to a Ministry for discussion. Each Ministry is based on a key theme and has a designated Minister.

Following these discussions, Ministers meet with the Student Cabinet to put forward the ideas of their Ministry. The Cabinet then meets with the Principal to discuss the students’ suggestions and concerns.

At King’s we value our students’ opinions and are working together to make King’s the best it can be.

Prime Minister

Billy Vernon

Deputy Prime Minister

Bethany Frank

Speaker of the House

Filip Rembrowski


Katey Newman

Cabinet Members


Students feedback ideas to the Principal

Foundation Student Ministers


Students feedback ideas to Cabinet Members

Senior Student Ministers


Students feedback ideas to Cabinet Members

House Representatives


Feedback from each House to the individual Ministries