Year 7 Brathay Residential 2016

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th October, Year 7 embarked on their first residential trip to the Brathay Leadership Centre. Brathay is located on the shores of Lake Windermere, offering a spectacular setting for our young leaders’ first leadership adventure.

116 young leaders worked in their sub-house groups on a range of challenges which allowed them to develop some of the leadership theory they have been learning about in school in a real-life setting. Groups took part in four different activities across the two days.

One of the activities was a two hour walk to the top of Todd Cragg, which left students in awe of the spectacular views. Each group shared leadership responsibilities, successfully navigating the route, coaching members of their team, and evaluating their performance throughout. Students showed real endeavour – even the heavy rain couldn’t dampen their spirits! Another activity saw students take to Lake Windermere in Canadian Canoes. Groups had a choice of either ‘finding the Romans’ or ‘reaching the island’, with the success of both challenges dependent on the ability to work together to form an effective team.

Some groups enjoyed 360 degree spins on the lake at first as there were some slight difficulties working out their rowing technique, but all groups were eventually successful and really enjoyed the opportunity to put their skills into action. 

Mrs Lawrence said, “I am always proud when we take King’s students on trips, and our new Year 7 were no exception. Throughout the two days, students showed real endeavour and challenged themselves to work outside of their comfort zones to achieve. I have no doubt there will be even more success stories when they go again next year!”

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