Year 8 Residential to Brathay

From the 13th to the 15th of February, Year 8 went on a courage testing trip to Brathay Hall in the Lake District. One of the students who went, Laura Cameron tells us more!

On day one, all Year 8 pupils were in school for 8 am and we arrived at our Destination at 10:30.  When we arrived we all got checked into our accommodation after we went to our leadership rooms to do some activities, and prepare for our night team games.  Soon after we had tea.  This was lamb beef burgers, bean burgers and fries, and for desert chocolate cake and cream.  After tea we prepared our waterproof kit for the following day.  After we got back we got ready to do our night orienteering and did our leadership activities eg: express what qualities we used throughout the first day.  At 10pm we were sent of to bed.

On the second day at 7am we woke and got ready for a great day of adventure.  We had breakfast at 8am after we prepared our kit and items needed for the day.  We then we headed to the boathouse and canoed AS A TEAM to a well known mountain.  Our year climbed this and all the teachers were proud of how professional we all were and how much we used the ASPIRE code.  As we returned back to the centre we had tea and finished all the activities of the day.  Then soon after we went to the accommodation and packed ready to leave for the next day.

On the last day we all split into different activity groups and tried more things that got us out of our comfort zones.  For example, groups were voyage, zipline, pamper pole, and many more different groups were also  interviewed by bbc news north east.  After that we went back to centre and returned kit and items we borrowed then had dinner.  All Year 8s gathered for the closing ceremony and speech, then boarded the coach ready to go home to which we arrived back at 4:30pm.

WE HAD A FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!!!!  We would like to give a big thank you to all the staff that contributed in this trip.



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