Encouraging Aspiration

University Visits

Since opening we have forged strong links with a number of universities and, as part of the King’s pledge, our students visit two universities each year to ensure that we encourage their aspirations. Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge is one of the universities visited in Y7 to encourage high aspirations. From Year 9, university visits become more tailored to the flight path of each student.

Name of Classrooms

We have deliberately named each of our classrooms after a university, highly rated for achievement in the specific classroom subject, with the intention of keeping university at the forefront of our students’ minds.

Aspirational Flight Path

At the start of each school year we expect all of our students to revisit their aspirational flight path and set new objectives for the academic year. This flight path focuses students on their long term career ambitions. They are required to investigate this career choice and plan a route through sixth form, Further or Higher Education and then entry in to the chosen career. We give all students from Year 7 access to an online careers package to aid this process.

World of Work Speakers

Each month we bring in a different ‘world of work’ speaker who will outline his / her own flight path with the intention of broadening student’s horizons and encouraging their aspirations. From Year 9 world of work speakers and experiences become tailored to a student’s aspirational university and career flight path

Brathay Residentials

Each year all students visit Brathay Outdoor Pursuit Centre as part of their leadership development. Whilst at the centre they are continually engaged in a series of individual and team exercises designed to move them out of their comfort zone and show them that, with greater aspiration and endeavour, they can achieve more than they realise. Year 7 begins with a focus on ‘servant leadership’, moving to ‘personal leadership’ in year 8. From year 9, a functional approach is adopted through an Action Centred approach to leadership.

Personal Mentoring

Each of our students has a personal mentor who will work alongside him / her checking academic progress, personal development and progress towards his / her personal flight path targets for that year. A distinct ‘mentoring’ lesson is part of the core weekly timetable of every student and member of staff.