Encouraging Endeavour

Assessment Weeks

The academy’s academic year is organised around five ‘Learning Cycles’. The first four cycles are seven weeks long and the fifth cycle is nine weeks long to allow for each of the previous four learning cycles to be revisited alongside the new learning. In the penultimate week of each Learning Cycle Y7 and 8 students undertake an hour long assessment in the English, mathematics, science, geography, history and a foreign language.Y9 students may take more assessments that this depending on their option choices. Students are expected to have undertaken sufficient revision to reach or surpass their targets in each of these assessments.


Each week all students are given a total of six hours homework to encourage endeavour. All teachers are available on-line between 6 and 7 pm to answer queries regarding homework.

GAP Teaching

Schools usually use assessment processes to measure the learning progress of their students. However, assessment at King’s goes further. If each of our students is to maximise his/ her potential then it becomes essential that we also concentrate on finding out what a pupil does not know or does not understand. We already know how much progress they must make to maximise their potential and, if this is to be achieved, then these errors must be corrected before they become deep-rooted. Each teacher is expected to set their end of Learning Module assessment paper in line with the ‘assessment framework’ that goes with the Learning Module. The assessment paper should be constructed in such a fashion that it not only tests each student’s understanding of the Module’s objectives, but exposes individual errors, misunderstandings and misconceptions. The week following the assessment is designated ‘gap analysis’ week. This is a specific period of time in which students are regrouped according to their specific errors and that part of the subject is re-taught until mastery is achieved. Only through ‘gap analysis’ teaching will we ensure that all of our students achieve their full potential.

REACH Feedback/Improvement Task

At least every two weeks teachers are expected to provide time within their subjects for students to reflect and comment on their own endeavours in that subject. The reflection is directed through the acronym REACH. (Reflect and evaluate your progress in terms of attainment criteria and comments written by your teacher and hone your skills). This reflection is followed by a personalised extension activity to ensure that reflection has taken place. This activity directs each student’s endeavours towards personal improvement.

Leadership Essays

Subject teachers do not set homework in the final week of each learning cycle. That week students are expected to research a specific character trait, in line with our seven pillars, and write a short essay on how that character trait was displayed in the work of that leader.