Encouraging Integrity

Sign the Aspire Code during Tie Ceremony whereby Pupils Promise to Follow the Aspire Values

On their first day at the academy all students, in the presence of their parents, sign the school’s code of conduct (ASPIRE) and promise to uphold the values of the academy. After signing they are formally presented with their academy tie and welcomed in to the student body.

Personal Reflection after Each Assessment Cycle and Setting of New Targets

At the end of each learning cycle students are expected to reflect on their endeavours using the results of their individual assessments, their end of learning cycle report and their aspirational flight path. They will then use the ‘traffic light’ progress tracker on their iPad to record if they are on, above or below target in each individual subject as well as their overall progress and set their own targets for the next learning cycle. Their gradings and targets are then discussed with their tutor to ensure that they have displayed integrity in their personal reflections.