Encouraging Professionalism

Being a Personal Mentor

A fundamental part of our Y7 induction process is to ‘buddy up’ each Y7 with a Y8 pupil from the same house group. The Y8 is expected to act as mentor and friend to the Y7 throughout their first year. This activity is checked on in the Y8’s personal mentoring session.

Leading the Lines

Each day a different student leads each of the two formal ‘line ups’ in the school grounds. He / she will take responsibility for the professional manner in which the students line up. Each line of students is led by their own leader who checks that the students in his / her form are lined up and that there uniform is correct. When he / she is satisfied with the conduct of his / her individual group he / she signals to the leader of the day. When all group leaders have signalled their readiness the leader of the day will ask the academy principal if he has any notices he wishes to give out. After the notices have been given out the leader of the day dismisses the assembly row by row. No teachers are involved in this part of the academy’s day.

Weekly Duty Leaders

There are three teams of weekly duty teams who are led by a duty team leader. The ‘community standards’ team are responsible for the external academy environment. They ensure that it is free of litter throughout the day. The ‘hall monitors’ are responsible for ensuring the dining room is properly cleared and that any sports equipment signed out for break or lunch is returned promptly. The library monitors are responsible for the orderliness of the library and the loan of books.

Literacy Leaders

Each day a literacy leader is appointed on a rolling programme who will remind the class of the ‘premiership word of the day’ and encourage its use throughout the day.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is taught as part of the academy’s ‘Public Speaking, Philosophy and Ethics’ (PPE) curriculum. It is assessed through public performance and the assessment is closely aligned to the speaking and listening components of the English curriculum.


Each day a greeter is appointed on a rolling programme. When a visitor knocks at the classroom door the greeter will step outside of the classroom, introduce him / herself and shake hands with the visitor. He / she will then explain the hypothesis they are testing in the lesson and the progress they have made before the visitor arrived. The visitor will then be invited in to the lesson.

Academy Parliament

The Academy Parliament holds annual elections for membership. Each successful member will have been nominated and seconded by a member of the student body prior to the elections and has to prepare a manifesto for publication. The Parliament appoints its own officers and meets regularly with staff and governors to represent the views of the student body.

Teacher Selection

Although they are not part of the final decision making body student feedback is taken in to account after each applicant’s demonstration lesson.

Family Dining in House Groups

The academy operates a ‘family dining’ system where each form tutor will take lunch with his / her tutor group. All students, including those with packed lunches, are expected to take lunch with the group.

House Captains and Vice Captains

These students, elected by their peers, are responsible for the smooth and efficient organisation of all house activities and competitions.

Tutor Group Leaders

Tutor group leaders are appointed on a rolling programme. Amongst their duties is the daily checking of equipment of each student’s equipment at the start of the school day.

The Day Newspaper

The academy has subscribed to ‘The Day’ which is a daily newspaper for young people. On arrival at school students are encouraged to sit quietly in the hall and brief themselves on world affairs by using their iPads to access the newspaper.