Encouraging Respect

Reflecting on Teacher Comments Regarding Written Work

Teachers will comment on poorly produced or low stand work in terms of student’s showing greater respect for their own ability.

Ethnic and Religious Speakers

In arranging our annual programme of ‘world of work’ and other speakers the academy strives to ensure that as many different ethnicities and faiths are represented.

Environment Leaders

The ‘community standards’ team are responsible for the external academy environment. They ensure that it is free of litter throughout the day.

Student Court and Public Apologies

Academy Parliament has a ‘student court’ subcommittee who work with staff in ensuring high standards in terms of respect and behaviour. Under teacher guidance the Court can request that a student appearing before to extra-duties as a public apology to the student body as a sign of atonement.

Community Standards Duty Leaders

The ‘hall monitors’ are responsible for ensuring the dining room is properly cleared and that any sports equipment signed out for break or lunch is returned promptly.

Daily King’s CCF Ensign Raising/Lowering Ceremony

At the start and end of each school day the academy’s C.C.F. flag is raised / lowered in front of the student body.