Computer Science

King’s Leadership Academy is on the cutting edge of the new Computing curriculum and technology. Our brand new, purpose-built facilities include a suite of the latest Windows computers and Raspberry Pi robots. Pupils interact with iPads and cloud services on a daily basis developing their digital literacy.

Key stage 3 pupils complete a range of modules as part of Programming in the Creative Arc. These modules include programming robots, traffic lights and games to develop their computation thinking, problem-solving and programming skills.

At GCSE pupils can choose to pursue a GCSE in Computer Science, a highly desirable course designed to equip pupils with the skills needed to excel in the 21st Century. Pupils learn about the inner workings of computers, their hardware and software. Topics include how data is represented and stored in computers, legal considerations, networking and programming.

Programming is emerging as a desirable skill as both academics and employers recognise the value of the problem-solving skills and endeavour it demonstrates. Programmers are sought after for their ability to automate mundane tasks and to analyse vast quantities of data, which has become ubiquitous across all fields and industries. At King’s pupils learn how to program in Python, a language used by many top companies, including Google, NASA and JP Morgan. It is often used in Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Academia, Application Development and Robotics.


Courses Offered

GCSE: Computing (2017 cohort only, course discontinued nationally)

GCSE: ICT (2018 cohort only, course discontinued nationally)

GCSE: Computer Science (replaces GCSE: Computing)


Enrichment and Trips

  • Programming Club
  • Trip to Barclay’s Technology Campus, Radbroke.