The Geography department at King’s is extremely passionate and committed to making sure that students receive the best possible opportunities within our subject area. As a Geography department we are very passionate about providing students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom and extend their learning beyond what is required by the exam boards.

The GCSE course covers key elements from the physical and human world, and develops the geographical skills that are essential to understanding them. The topics covered over the GCSE course include; the challenge of natural hazards, physical landscapes in the UK, the living world, urban issues and challenges, the economic world and the challenge of resource management, as well as an issue evaluation paper which provides opportunities for fieldwork.

A-level Geography is an extension of GCSE, delving deeper into a range of the human and physical geography topics covered previously. Alongside this, it aims to provide a strong skill base in order to allow progression into Undergraduate Geography. It will develop fieldwork and research skills, allowing students to become confident in human and physical geography fieldwork methods and running their own investigations. It will also help to develop vital communication and team work skills as the course lends itself well to collaborative learning.


Courses Offered

GCSE Geography

A-level Geography


Enrichment & Trips

  • International trip to Iceland for Year 9-11 students
  • The chance to enter the Geographical Association “Outstanding Geographer” award