Music Department

The music department teaches all students during the afternoon creative arc in Years 7 and 8. It becomes an option subject at GCSE from Year 9. A level music is offered in the Sixth Form. There are two music classrooms and 5 practise rooms available on a booking system for students to practise their skills and rehearse small ensembles.

The Foundation Curriculum

Music is offered in four out of five learning cycles to students in Years 7 and 8. They enjoy are broad curriculum based in vocal performance; the musical elements; the instruments of the orchestra; Indian music; Samba; keyboard tuition.

The Senior Curriculum

Music is offered as a 3 year GCSE course (Edexcel) from Year 9 which students can elect to study. Year 9 begins as a foundation course ensuring that all students have a basic understanding of musical theory that will support them throughout their course. This is reinforced through keyboard skills using theme and variation techniques and then exploring the harmonic and melodic world of Blues and Jazz. Students are introduced to ethnomusicology via the music of Japan before turning their attention to skills that will support the performing, composing and appraising components of the examination.

The Mastery Curriculum

Music is offered at A level (Edexcel) as a 2 year linear course. Students continue to learn performance, composition and appraising skills. Composition is expanded to the more challenging Baroque harmony and counterpoint techniques. It is important for any students on this course to be approximately grade 6 on their chosen instrument or voice and have the additional support of grade 5 ABRSM theory in order to cope with this demanding course. Students will have the opportunity to lead ensembles and support younger students. Visits to performances, conservatoires, LIPA and universities with the focus of studying music will be available throughout the course. Students are encouraged to participate in regional and national competitions.

Instrumental and vocal tuition

It is possible for all students to have peripatetic instrumental and/or vocal tuition. Lessons are given during the afternoon creative arc for Years 7 and 8. Students in Year 9 and above will receive lessons before school from 7:30am-9:00am and after school between 4:00pm-5:30pm. Students are prepared for ABRSM, LCM, Trinity Guildhall and Rock School musical examinations (grades 6-8 carry UCAS points).

Voice Flute Trumpet Violin
Piano Oboe Cornet Viola
Harp Clarinet French Horn Cello
Keyboard Bassoon Trombone Double Bass
Organ Saxophone Tuba Guitar
Drum Kit Tenor Horn Euphonium Bass Guitar


Extra-curricular music

Music plays an important role in the extra-curricular life of the Academy in addition to being a popular subject on the curriculum. There are a wide range of instrumental and choral ensembles that students can join. Students regularly give concerts and performances in the Academy and we produce an annual musical, the first being “Oliver” in October 2016. Our ensembles feature heavily in our Christmas celebrations. The Department organises visits to concerts, musicals, the opera and there are opportunities to participate in workshops run by external groups. Our annual house music competition is fiercely contested by our students who relish the opportunity to show off their talents. Our musical year culminates in the Summer term with the Creative Arts Evening; a showcase of some of the best work from the music, art, drama and dance departments from every year group. We invite a guest speaker from the Arts world and conclude the event with an awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our students during the scholastic year.

All students are encouraged to participate in musical ensembles. Ensembles are held during lunch times and after school. The musical offerings change annually to suit the students. Some of our ensembles are given below.

King’s Band – An ensemble open to players of any ability.

King’s School of Rock – An electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboard band, led largely by students.

King’s Choir – An ensemble open to singers of any ability singing a mixture of pop and traditional choral works.

Chamber Choir – An audition only vocal ensemble. These singers are challenged mainly by more difficult Classical repertoire.

Music examination preparatory guidance – Invitation only supportive sessions with the Academy accompanist to support performing with an accompanist and aural test training.

Choral Society – An open ensemble for students, parents and friends of the King’s community. Usually meeting one evening a week in the Spring term to sing a larger work, culminating in a public concert.