Philosphy, Public Speaking & Ethics

Public Speaking, Philosophy and Ethics inspires Year 7 and 8 students to investigate moral and ethical issues whilst practising the leadership skill of public speaking.

In this core curriculum time students explore a range of moral issues and relate aspects of the 5 world religions to these issues.

In year 7 students students start on their quest to become young philosophers by analysing and debating the topic of the death penalty. Through an exploration of the history of the death penalty and an investigation into Islam’s view on crime and punishment, students decide whether the death penalty is an ethical punishment that has its place in the 21st century. Other subjects in year 7 include, terrorism, animal testing and euthanasia.
In year 8 students continue to develop their analytical brains and tackle world issues like climate change. Through an in depth evaluation of alternatives to using fossil fuels, students debate the efficacy fracking, which is a local contemporary issue. Students ideas are back up with theological references to Christianity and the idea of ‘man being God’s stewards’. Other topics in year 8 include abortion, poverty and democracy.

This enquiry based learning then leads to an oracy based, public speaking exercise.

Spirituality is further embedded across the curriculum and permeates school life for all years. Religious holidays are discussed in morning assemblies and our Character curriculum further enhances students’ understanding of spirituality and religion. Key world religions are a featured topic of our ‘Character morning’ slots and moral issues are a key focus of our core Character curriculum time. Every year, during our Super Learning Afternoons, we offer each year group a visit to a religious building, invite in guest speakers of various faiths and discuss religious celebrations across the world. As a result students develop a deep understanding and sense of perspective of religious and spiritual diversity.