Dot Art Competition Update

Over the course of six weeks, Year 9 King’s students have been creating artwork based on the theme of foreshortening. Their aim has been to demonstrate their understanding of composition,

perspective, contrast, tone and texture within their pieces, therefore proving their understanding of art techniques. They have all had to scale up their photograph from A4 to A3 or larger, demonstrating their drawing ability, craftsmanship and control. In many cases, students have communicated a

personal message or concept within their work.

Year 9 student work was submitted to the Dot Art Cheshire Competition and the judges decided on their three semi-finalists. The public then voted for their favourite piece and we now know which

student has been selected to go through to display their work at Mid Cheshire College…

Congratulations to Ella Leach! We are looking forward to the exhibition.

Special mention also to Archie Gatley and Katie Platt for being selected by the judges as semi-finalists.

Well done to all Year 9 art students. The quality of your work is fantastic and we are very proud of the endeavour you have demonstrated.


Next steps…

7th June – Prize giving ceremony where the judges will select an overall winner from the students who are exhibiting their work. (More details to follow soon)

8th-17th June – Dot Art School Exhibition (open to the public)