Great King’s Bake Off!!

King’s Data Manager and avid cake aficionado and expert Mrs Nicholls was the chief baking judge at our recent Great King’s Bake Off event before Easter.

Part of our week long inter-house competition, the Bake Off led to some amazing baked goods being brought into the school.  Some highlights included beautiful fruit carving, impressive icing decorations and some very moist and delicious cupcakes.  Entries were judged under three different categories; presentation, taste and originality.  The competition was won by Windsor House with 177 points.

Competition was fierce, Mrs Nicholls’ expertise was called on for many split decisions and the judges disputed greatly on some cakes. The standard was impressive and many of the cakes went on to be sold off that same lunch time to help raise money for our House Tie fund.

This particular competition was so enjoyed by all the judges (and students) that we will certainly be holding another Great King’s Bake Off in the future!

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