Carl Joynson

Head of Maths

I have always enjoyed Mathematics from an early age and was my favourite subject at school as it helps us think analytically and have better reasoning skills. It also helps you to think logically about a situation as well as coming up with solutions to problems, which are essential for everyday life and application in industry.


Following on from achieving my degree in Mathematics I decided to further my passion for the subject by becoming a teacher and have had a career for over 20 years working in the areas of St Helens, Liverpool & now Warrington. During that time I have held different positions including Numeracy lead, Director of Mathematics, Head of College and I am currently Head of Subject at King’s Leadership Academy which I began in September 2019 and enjoy leading a fantastic academic department.


My interests outside Math’s include keeping active in sports and fitness as well as travelling around the Greek islands each year. Having outside interests definitely help me look after my physical and mental wellbeing which benefits your academic performance. 


The students at King’s Leadership Academy have a great appetite for knowledge. Along with their inquisitive nature into the evolution of Mathematics and how it links to the real world makes teaching them fulfilling.