Carmen Quiros

Practitioner of Spanish

I grew up in a small town in the South of Spain and started learning English as a second language in primary school. It was not easy, but I was determined as from an early age I loved the idea of travelling and being able to communicate with people from different countries. Moreover, I was lucky to have passionate and supportive teachers who inspired me to become a teacher myself.


Following my passion for education and languages, I graduated with distinction as a Primary Teacher (English specialist) at the University of Granada in 2016. During my years at University, I joined several groups and associations, getting the most of my undergraduate experience. I studied French, Spanish Sign Language, joined the Department of Languages as a student researcher and spent a year living and studying in Portsmouth. There I fell in love with England and the British culture and promised myself I would come back one day.


I strongly believe in the importance of offering a strong support that promotes students to become successful citizens by developing academic and non-academic skills. That is why I started working in the non-formal education field under the Erasmus+ programme. This experience was remarkably enlightening as I developed my organisational and leadership skills while organising inclusive cultural and educational events for young people from all over Europe.


As my interest in working with young people grew, I flew to New Zealand in 2017 to work as a Spanish Language assistant for two independent schools. It was then that I discovered how satisfying was to bring my culture to others and decided to continue my career as an MFL teacher. I moved to Liverpool one year later and I graduated as PGCE Spanish and French teacher.


After many years working and volunteering in the educational sector, I have joined King’s Leadership Academy as a Spanish practitioner. My focus in and out my lessons is to with the aim of providing a lifelong impact on my students, not only by facilitating their learning and encouraging fluency in Spanish but also by promoting positive and strong characters that will enable them to achieve their goals, from passing their exams to becoming aspiring future leaders.