Alex Dakanalis

Teaching Scholar

I first found myself drawn to the position of ‘Graduate Teaching Scholar’ at the tail end of 2019. It was during that unusual time in between university and ‘proper’ adulthood during which I had to come to terms with the concept of paying council tax, and investing my hard earned wages on sensible things; like making sure I owned more than one set of cutlery.
I had decided that I was interested in pursuing a career in teaching, and it just so happened that a friend, and now colleague of mine, was aware of a support position being offered at his school. Since day one my role as a Teaching Scholar has been incredibly rewarding for it has allowed me the pleasure of supporting so many fantastic, creative, and quick-witted young people, who have only helped to cement my desire to become an English teacher in the years to come. 

  My personal area of expertise lies in the study of Literature. Throughout my degree I studied and enjoyed texts from all throughout history. However, those which resonated with me the most were those written by contemporary writers. As such, I wrote my inevitable dissertation on ‘Control and Free Will in Contemporary Dystopian Literature’, and graduated from the University of Chester with a 1st Class BA Hons.
My favourite aspect of studying English is that it lends itself to many walks of academia; stepping firmly onto the paths of history, sociology, psychology and more. Therefore, it is my opinion that the study of English is not simply about teaching literacy and analytical skills, but is also about sharing ideas, and teaching young and older people alike about what it means to be human.