Charlotte Taylor

Practitioner of Science

The way the world works, and the intricacies of life have always fascinated me which has always drawn me to the sciences. From a young age I was always keen to know more and share that with the people around me. Learning about the way molecules react in my Chemistry classes always blew my mind knowing that these reactions were taking place within my body at that very moment. After moving from Manchester to London to study Chemistry at Imperial College London, I discovered the subject’s many applications. From drug discovery to creating efficient energy sources, I believe the combination of the different STEM subjects can solve the major problems of today and tomorrow.

After finishing my Chemistry BSc with a 2:1, I decided to consolidate my Spanish language skills by living in the country, as I had studied this up to A-Level and alongside my degree. Prior to moving to Spain, I worked in my high school’s Spanish department hoping to ease me into speaking Spanish all the time. I moved to Malaga to help teach English to teenagers whilst immersing myself in a new culture and enjoying delicious food and sunny weather. From working in my high school and my time teaching English abroad, this really inspired me to pursue a passion for educating young people. Upon returning I was self-employed, tutoring the sciences and maths at GCSE level which further revealed how much I enjoyed building up the next generation and provoked me to apply for my PGCE at the University of Manchester.

Outside of the classroom I love to play football and it has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. After captaining my university team in London, I now enjoy playing for a local club in my spare time. As can be seen from my time abroad, I love an adventure whether that is in a foreign country or locally so when I can, I’m often travelling to new cities or wandering through nature.

Whilst completing teacher training during a pandemic presents its own set of challenges, I’m excited to start teaching and developing my career at an outstanding school built on values that I believe in. Helping to ensure every student has a fair shot at a top-quality education, no matter what their background is, is something that I’m looking forward to being a part of at King’s Leadership Academy.