Elizabeth Logan

Subject Lead Geography

Earth Sciences and Archaeology have always been a passion of mine and it was only natural for me to study both Geography and History at GCSE. I was always encouraged at school to aim high and some might say that I took that literally as I had my heart set on becoming an astronaut. I put great thought into how I would achieve this goal so researched everything about NASA and entry requirements onto the astronaut programme. I soon found out that I could become a mission specialist as a geologist. This was a subject I was interested in and something that was achievable, so I studied both Geography and Geology at A-Level.


It was around this time that my sights changed from looking up at the sky to looking back down here on Earth and I chose to study a BSc in Geology with Archaeology at The University of Birmingham. This degree allowed me to access a greater understanding of how our planet works and how earth processes work together to allow life to exist on this planet. It also developed a thirst for archaeology and how past civilisations interacted with each other and their environment. On completion of my degree I went on to study a MA Practical Archaeology. This then allowed me the opportunity to travel and work all over the UK and Europe, excavating much of Roman and Medieval Europe.


Whilst in the role of Field Archaeologist, I found that I was always leaning towards the training aspect of the job, taking charge of undergraduate students and trainees, which led me to believe that maybe teaching was what I was meant to do. Taking a brave move, I left Archaeology and started teacher training on the Graduate Teacher Program in a school in Birmingham and I have never looked back.


In today’s fast moving and ever-changing world, I feel that it is essential that students are equipped to deal with lots of change and uncertainty. To be effective global citizens, I feel very strongly about teaching values within the curriculum. Here at King’s the Aspire code captures these values and underpins them throughout the curriculum. This really spoke to me and is the main reason I decided to work here at Kings.