Jack Rees

Practitioner of Science

My passion for science started when I visited an aquarium as a child, as I began to question how life functions on our planet. My interest in biology grew, as I considered how life came to be, how diseases function, and how we can deal with a climate crisis. My interest continued throughout school, where I ran a biology club for students. After leaving school, I achieved a 1st in a BSc Microbiology degree at the University of Manchester. I specialised my interest in parasitology and immunology, working in labs, and also gained experience working in a research lab in Honduras, studying the local Iguanas. I hope that I can inspire my students, with my excitement and passion for biology and science. 


My love for teaching stemmed from teaching in the Army Cadet Force. I was involved with them for 5 years, going on to University where I became involved with the officer training core. Having learnt a lot from these experiences and really thriving from them, I was excited to hear about Kings involvement with the CCF. I am looking forward to helping the students through their own journey with the CCF. 


Teaching young people about character is a crucial part of the Kings curriculum and something which I am also very passionate about. Whilst at University I volunteered for Citywise, a mentoring charity which encourages character awareness and development through helping young people learn about character traits such as resilience and a growth mindset. I continue to support the charity through fundraising. I also founded the Citywise running club, helping others to also raise funds for the charity. Citywise has taught me a lot about the importance of character which is echoed through the ASPIRE values at the school.


In my spare time, I really enjoy getting involved with sports. At university I picked up hockey, becoming captain of the services team, and also umpiring. I am really looking forward to being involved with sports and enrichment at Kings Warrington.