Dr Jennifer Rodriguez

Practitioner of Spanish

I have always had a fascination for world languages and cultures, fostered by living in the culturally diverse city of Liverpool. Being able to speak someone’s language puts them at ease, facilitates communication and breaks down cultural barriers. It also leads to a greater self-awareness and allows you to understand your place in the world as well as how other cultures think, speak and interact. In the global community we now live in, language skills are increasingly important and valued by employers.


It was with all of these thoughts in mind that I began my university career. At the University of Liverpool I first did a BA in French and Hispanic Studies and then went on to complete an MA in Hispanic Studies and a PhD in Hispanic studies. During my PhD I was awarded a Leverhulme Trust Scholarship to study in Barcelona. This opportunity allowed me to work with experts in my field and to meet Spanish writers and poets. My thesis was related to the marketing and reception of women writers in Spain in the twenty-first century.


It is my firm belief that any knowledge gained should be shared with younger generations so that they can question, evaluate and improve it. I therefore decided to pursue a career in teaching, bringing with me ten years of stories as well as a thorough knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.


In my spare time I enjoy playing the violin, reading and visiting castles/stately homes.