Leanne Vernon

Practitioner of Chemistry

I have always had a passion for Science as it explains the world around us. My favourite teacher at secondary school made Science come to life and inspired me to become a teacher, so that I could pass along my love of the subject to others.

I gained my teaching qualification in 2010 from The University of Manchester after getting a 2.1 BSc degree in Chemistry. I then taught in Manchester for 5 years where I stayed with my form class all the way through their secondary education. It is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in teaching, being there to guide and support a special group of young people throughout the 5 years and be there to watch them grow and develop into young adults with aspirations for the future. I realised that school is important to help students gain qualifications but we are also here to support them pastorally too, this is equally important.
In 2015 I left the UK to volunteer abroad. I worked as a teacher and sports coach in township schools in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This experience was a real eye-opener and it allowed me to use my teaching skills to help students from very disadvantaged backgrounds. I also spent time travelling around the country and working on a safari park.
In 2016 I was given the opportunity to work at an international school in Madrid where I was immersed in a different culture and learnt some Spanish. The educational systems in Spain are very different to the UK and it was an interesting experience that ultimately made me miss home. So I came back to the UK and started working at King’s.