Michael Chiles

Lead Practitioner of Geography

The study of ‘geography’ can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, who were looking for a word to support their exploration of writings and maps in relation to their surrounding environments and the rest of the world. The etymology of the word geography can be broken into ‘geo’ which means ‘earth’ and ‘graphy’ which means to ‘write’. Fast forward in time, writing about the characteristics of the earth is the bedrock of the subject today.

The study of geography takes its learners on a journey to investigate the physical properties of the Earth’s surface and how human societies occupy and interact within these distinctive landscapes. These two disciplines within the subject provide geographers with a lens in which to look at how our world has changed over time and the relatively new role, in the context of time, humans have played in shaping it. It is this that fascinates my curiosity to continually expand on my own knowledge of what is fundamentally an ever-changing subject.

I am fortunate to be recognised as a Chartered Geographer with the Royal Geographical Society and use this status to subject all those that study and teach geography to continually reflect and improve on their own knowledge of the subject.

I am a passionate teacher and leader who passionately believes in the role character and leadership development play in educating the future global citizens of today. This is why I am proud to be a part of King’s and look forward to supporting your child as they endeavour to become well-informed global citizens.