Nicola Johnston

Subject Lead French

I have always had a great interest in learning languages and having the opportunity to develop my knowledge of different cultures. Languages enable learners to develop a vast range of diverse skills, which are transferable to many other aspects of life, as well as the ability to communicate with others around the world.

French was always my language of choice and the one that I had the greatest interest in, therefore I chose to study an Honours degree in French with Business during which, I spent a year living and studying in France. I enjoy looking at the language in a scientific way and breaking down the different grammatical structures, as well as the cultural and historical values linked to learning a language. I studied many interesting modules linked to French history and culture that I got to see first-hand whilst living in France. The combination of French with Business allowed me to further see the use of a language in a Business context. Learning a language is one of the most worthwhile things that I have ever done!

On gaining my degree I spent a year teaching English as a foreign language and it was then that I realised my enjoyment for teaching languages and decided to pursue this further in doing the PGCE combining my love of languages and teaching.

I understand the importance of instilling a great interest in languages and take this very seriously. I am extremely passionate about teaching French and sharing my love of languages with others. I aim to make my lessons as engaging as possible and try my best for pupils to see the tangibility of language learning to its use in the real world. I am really excited about the opportunity to work at King’s and hope to inspire pupils to develop an interest in languages.

In my free time I enjoy partaking in outdoor activities, Zumba and developing my knowledge of other cultures.