Sensei Norman McCaffrey

Ju-Jitsu Black Belt Instructor

I began training in Ju Jitsu at the start of 1994, by the end of 1996 I was running my own club.  I realised early on that my main passion for Ju Jitsu lay in teaching.  This has led me from running my first class once a week to 5 or 6 children, to now being a full time coach, running classes a leisure centre and teaching in primary and secondary schools to a total of around 300 students a week.  I have an NVQ in sports coaching, specialising in Ju Jitsu and I was a technical officer with the World Ju Jitsu Federation before leaving to start my own organisation.  I have very high expectations of my students, and take great pleasure in watching them reach their full potential.  This desire was evident at the last national black belt grading’s before I left the WJJF, where out of over 40 students grading on the day, just 2 passed with honours, and they were my only students grading that day.  I am also the only instructor to have a student pass their black belt with a 100% honours grade.  I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to teach at a school which has the same drive and levels of expectation as myself.