Rachel Ashley

Physics Lead

I grew up in a little village in North Lincolnshire and I used to travel over an hour every day to go to college to get my A-levels. Whilst at college I was nominated as young scientist of the year by Hull University and, as a prize,  I was sent to America one summer to see what astronaut training was like.
After getting A-levels in biology, physics and maths, I moved to Liverpool to go to university and finished with a first class degree and masters with honours in physics. During my time at university I was president of the physics society and organised various trips, socials and lectures for the undergraduate caucus.

After university I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I continued to study nuclear physics, specialising in instrumentation.

Over my 4 years there I split my time between Simon Fraser University and TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics doing a mixture of research, teaching and studying and I started to realise teaching was where my passion lay.

I returned to Liverpool with a second masters and spent a year working at the World Museum before training to be a teacher at Hope University. I passed as an outstanding teacher and was head hunted by King’s. I couldn’t be happier here as the King’s ethos resonates with me and my beliefs about education: that every child deserves the best education, irrespective of who they are and where they’re from.