Randeep Bagri

Practitioner of ICT

Even as a child I had a love for technology. My love of cars and computer games helped me to keep that love for technology into my adult life. I believe it is this passion for the subject that encouraged me to study it further and eventually teach others.

I am a British born teacher of Indian ancestral descent. To be precise, my parents were born in an area of India called Punjab and i was raised within the Sikh religion.

I grew up in the black country of the west midlands in a town called Walsall. Although I love where I grew up, I have to admit it wasn’t the easiest place to create a pathway to success.

I worked in several industries during my pre-education career including sales, security, warehousing and delivery driving among others. It all started with me helping my dad on his market stall at a very young age.

There are however a lot of aspects to growing up in an area such as Walsall that also give you the strength and determination to succeed. In my twenties while working in the security industry I decided I was strong enough to achieve what i always felt capable of doing.

I began by doing a course at Dudley College of Technology with a one night a week course resulting in an NVQ in website design. I then followed this up with a Higher National Diploma in Computing at the same establishment.

Upon achieving my goal of succeeding in the previous two courses I gained further confidence in my own ability and hunger for more success in my academic career. At this stage I enrolled at Birmingham City University on a course studying a BSC in Computer Networks and Security.This also had the added bonus of additional Cisco certified courses being included alongside the degree.

After going back to employment for a few years I started to feel as though I could use my skills to help others and decided to enrol onto the PGCE course at Liverpool John Moores university with a view to teaching at the secondary level. After completing this course I have been able to become a subject lead in ICT/Computing at Kings, Something I am immensely proud and grateful of. I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given to work with the fantastic pupils and staff at this school.

I am very proud of what I have achieved but I am also a great believer in constant improvement and the idea that we never stop learning, whether that’s in academia or our day to day lives.

While changing my career i have managed to keep those same passions I had as a child. I still have a love for cars and modifying them too, While also still enjoying computer games when I get the time. My other passion has always been football and i try and find the time to go to games at Old Trafford in Manchester or the Banks stadium in Walsall.