Simone Conway

Practitioner of English

My thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the world and all its beauty, interesting people and complexities gave rise to my love of English when I first started education. For me, English lessons in secondary school were the bread and butter to my social and cultural education. Different to every other subject to me, English allowed me to delve into the complexities of human behaviour and relationships, debate, discuss, express myself creatively, think critically and gain insight into the perspectives of people very different to myself. The influence and power of language and literature is not to be underestimated, and I truly believe that, as a teacher, the greatest gift I can give to a child is a love of literature and a mastery of language.

My fascination with people and society led me to complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Liverpool John Moores university. During this time, I became particularly interested in the psychology of education and I consequently began to work as an English Language tutor for international students within the university and volunteer as a GCSE English tutor for students in secondary school. My real appreciation of and commitment to education was truly awoken, however, when travelling and volunteering in Cambodia and India while at university. Here I saw, first-hand, the inequalities within education across the world. This subsequently led me to reflect on the importance of striving for an even better education system back home in England.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I undertook my Post Graduate Certificate in Education, qualifying with outstanding status. Since qualifying as an English teacher, I am continuously striving to develop my professional practice and understanding of the world, and have recently volunteered as an English teacher in a school in Vietnam. Now, working at King’s Leadership Academy, I could not imagine a school I would rather be a part of. It is both a pleasure and privilege to work here: a school with values which align perfectly with my own. I am incredibly passionate about instilling leadership qualities in the children of King’s: our future generation that I hope will have a huge and positive impact on the world.

Outside of teaching, my biggest passion in life is to travel; there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than exploring somewhere new. Over the last few years I have travelled throughout Asia, New Zealand and South America and my list of countries to visit is only growing! I also love the outdoors, nature and animals. Being active is really important to me, so if I am not exhausting my feet exploring a new foreign city or hiking up a mountain in the UK, I am strolling around my local parks or beaches.