Stuart Drake

Practitioner of Geography

Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated by the subject of geography.  Put simply it is the study of the world and it’s relationship with people who live upon it.  This means that it is a subject that shapes our everyday lives and can help to provide answers to life’s most complicated questions.  The subject promotes teamwork, problem solving and debating skills that are applicable in a variety of real life situations.  My favourite topic within geography is natural hazards, so much so that this past June I went and climbed an active volcano in Indonesia!

My love for geography led me to study geography at Liverpool John Moores University, where I achieved a first class degree with honours.  Upon completing my degree I moved to the University of Nottingham to complete a Masters in Environmental Management.  It was at this stage I decided to become a teacher, I spent one year working as a forest school teacher before moving into the recruitment and training at a hospitality company to develop my interpersonal skills. Last year I completed my Initial Teacher Training at LJMU and have accepted a position at King’s Leadership Warrington as an NQT.

I have chosen to teach at King’s because of it’s excellent reputation, for both pupils and working environment, and the character and ASPIRE values that the school promotes.  The reputation of King’s is that of a school which expects the very best from its students, with the students duly delivering.  The leadership skills provided through the character and climate of the school help to ensure this. I believe that learning should take a holistic approach and not solely focus on academia.  It is my belief that by helping a child become well rounded they will succeed in later life.

Outside of school I have a take part in a range of hobbies. I am a very sporty person and will play any sport offered to me!  My favourite sport is football where I play as a centre back/ defensive midfielder.  I used to play at a semi professional level when I was younger.  I am also a keen runner, having represented my nation (Wales) in cross country.  I have also run in a number of half marathons, raising money for ‘Special Effect’, a charity focussed on using technology to improve the lives of children by allowing them to enjoy video games.  I have recently begun bouldering, a form of rock climbing requiring no ropes.  I enjoy how it challenges both my mind and body, allowing to push myself to new strengths. Outside of sport I love playing video games, reading comic books, watching films, playing Yu-Gi-Oh! cooking and travelling.  In the interest of brevity I will include a list below detailing these facts.

I like to think of myself as a friendly and open person so if you have any questions or want to chat just don’t hesitate to find me!

Fact File:

Favourite football team: Everton F.C.

Favourite Video Game: Pokemon Gold/ Silver

Favourite Comic Book: Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

Favourite Book: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote

Favourite Film: The Departed, Martin Scorsese

Places I have travelled to: Bermuda, Indonesia, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Tunisia, China, Nepal, Japan, USA, France, Spain, Brunei, Malaysia.