Tierna Malone

Second in English

I have always enjoyed the sense of escape that comes with immersing myself in a good book, but it was in my A Level year that I really found a passion for deconstructing texts, analysing language and seeking to explore and scrutinize the author’s message. I found that through reading and analysis, I could learn about the world around me, about life in the present and the past, and about societies and cultures around the world. I achieved success in English at school due to my own enjoyment and hard work and because I was fortunate to have a fantastic teacher who challenged and inspired me. It was due to her dedicated help and support that I decided to continue my study of English at university. My years at university solidified my love for the subject and I graduated in 2008 with a 2:1.

I love to travel and in 2011 I moved to Beijing where I worked as an English language teacher. A year and a half later I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam where I completed my PGCE(I).  In my five years in Vietnam I taught in an international school. I returned home to the UK in 2017 and completed my teacher training through the salaried route, qualifying with outstanding status.

I am very excited to join King’s. The school truly is unique, and I am delighted to work with such dedicated staff and students. I hope to inspire my students here in the same way that my English teacher inspired me and to demonstrate the value of English in terms of reading and understanding a text but also making sense of the world around us.