Umar Hussain

Vice Principal/Director of Curriculum Innovation

After I graduated from university, I secured my first full time role as an Analyst for Barclays. Alongside this role I also joined Greater Manchester Police where I served as a Special Constable for 3 years.  My growing role at Barclays meant I had gathered significant experience of working with data.

This experience led me to working with data in education.  The first school I worked at had received a ‘Notice to improve’ by Ofsted before I joined, the processes of creating a data led environment meant the school achieved a ‘Good’ two years later.  Results improved significantly, achieving above national average in all areas.  This success led me to support several schools around the country to improve educational outcomes with the use of data and curriculum support.

After being in education for several years I completed my PGCE in Mathematics.  I truly believe that the power of numbers can change and improve organisations. Teaching Maths and helping students achieve the best they possibly can will always be my number one priority.  My inspiration as a child came from Michael Jordan who was very successful and determined in what he did; I still to this day quote his words to motivate the children that I teach.

Having visited a number schools and worked with many professionals within education, I believe King’s offers a very high standard of education.  This could not be possible without our team of dedicated staff, students who are eager to learn and parents/guardians who want the very best for their child.