Andrew Reay

Associate Principal

Welcome to King’s Leadership Academy. When people visit King’s we first and foremost, hear how they are overwhelmed by our ethos, our values and our heartfelt commitment to a truly world class education. Tradition, routines and habits of excellence are critical essentials here and shapes many of our guiding principles that prepare our students to be successful citizens in tomorrow’s world.

Firstly, we only appoint exceptional teachers who have strong track records, many of whom have first class honours degrees and post graduate qualifications in their subjects. Secondly, we offer a traditional academic curriculum for every child in Mathematics, Languages, Humanities, the Arts and Natural Sciences, aligned to the English Baccalaureate. Thirdly, we believe that the development of character through our specialism in leadership is the cornerstone of academic success and human flourishing. For this reason, we ensure that every student is given the chance to step up as a leader and contribute to the wider learning community at the Academy and beyond. This includes every child gaining the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award by the end of Year 11.

Every student at King’s also has access to a huge variety of sport, performing arts, enrichment and support activities, with an extended school day to ensure that none fall behind, and every Wednesday afternoon devoted to co-curricular activities.  What makes us even more proud is that our students are consistently on target to achieve higher grades than sophisticated benchmarking data would suggest likely, preparing them well through our ‘flight path’ programme, for progression towards the top Universities and careers in professional life.

There are many exciting opportunities ahead and, as Associate Principal, I am confident that, in choosing King’s, you are not just selecting a secondary school but a ‘values led’ education. Holding true to our motto, Credimus, we firmly believe that a King’s education will equip your child for a happy and successful life.