Gabriella Moores

Practitioner of English

I have always loved to study English and was fortunate enough to have an inspirational English teacher during high school, who brought the subject to life and fuelled my passion for both English Language and Literature. I later went on to study English at A Level, and my love for the subject continued to grow. I graduated from Northumbria University in Newcastle with a BA Hons English Language and Literature degree. I studied modules such as World Englishes, Language Evolution, Understanding English Grammar, American Gothic, 18th and 19th Century Literature, and Modernism and Modernity. Together, these modules have shaped my understanding of English, and developed my skills in communication and analysis. This is not only needed for all subjects studied in school, but in everyday life.

Whilst studying at Northumbria University, I applied to volunteer as an English teacher in Thailand. I was placed at a school where I was teaching nursery, primary, and secondary students, thus developing vast rapport with students from all ages and backgrounds. I enjoyed teaching all my classes; however, I felt I was more suited to teaching secondary education. From my very first day at the school, I knew that teaching was a passion of mine that I must pursue. I knew this because I wanted to combine my career aspirations with acquired academic and personal skills to help others reach their full potential. A teachers’ influence is ongoing and can create the new generation of authors, architects, veterinarians and surgeons. Something that drives me every day is knowing that the impact I have on others can help them to go on to do amazing, life-changing things.

Travelling is a passion of mine, and I love exploring new places and absorbing myself in different cultures. I spend the majority of my spare time with family and friends, as well as staying active by attending gym classes and going on long walks.

All the staff at King’s work together to ensure students not only achieve the best grades, but also become young leaders. At King’s, you can see students working hard to achieve their flight path, and staff working tirelessly to help them achieve the grades to pursue it. Working at a leadership school, is not only shaping me as a teacher, but also as a person. I aspire to be the best I can be and to show endeavour in every aspect of my work.