Simone Conway

Practitioner of English

My passion for English literature and conviction in its importance within culture and society, alongside my fascination with the power of language, compelled me to pursue my career as an English teacher. As a teacher of English, I believe I have the unique chance to empower children to become masters of the English language.

 My interest in education began whilst studying Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University. My desire to study Psychology at university level derived from my interest in human thought and behaviour, and how this can be applied to understanding everyday human actions. Through studying Psychology, I have a deep understanding of the emotional and social processes that facilitate learning. Positive Psychology has helped to develop my teaching philosophy, which puts emphasis on building a cooperative and holistic classroom experience, in order to maximise pupils’ learning. Through studying Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology, I also have developed an insight into the cognitive processes that facilitate learning. I have studied extensively, the various ways in which different individuals learn, retain and process new information, with particular emphasis on the acquisition of language and the cognitive development of communication.

I first became involved within education when I began volunteering as a Key Stage 4 Language and Literature teaching assistant in a local secondary school, alongside studying for my degree. Following this, I became an English Language tutor for international university students at Liverpool John Moores university. In addition to this, I have worked in underprivileged communities in both Cambodia and India, teaching English as a secondary language. It was my love of English, Educational Psychology and my previous experience within the classroom which led me to undertake my PGCE in secondary English.

When I joined King’s in 2016, as a SEN and English specialist, I was inspired by the character-driven ethos and ASPIRE values that are ceaselessly promoted. I am incredibly proud to be part of such a fantastic school with such exceptional staff and students.