Thomas Scheuber-Rush

Director of Sixth Form

I am unsure whether it is my interest in the world that drives my passion for science or if my scientific inclination drives my fascination with our surroundings. Either way it was this passion that led me to the University of York where I graduated with honours in 2012. Whilst studying at York I worked on a number of education projects, helping develop my interests in working with young people and attaining a place on the prestigious Teach First Leadership Development Programme. It was through this programme that I completed my teacher training, and developed my specialism as a physics teacher. Within 12 months of starting teaching I became Head of Physics at my school, enabling me to share my passion for the sciences and challenge student perceptions of a traditionally difficult subject. Through this role I was able to improve student achievement and the popularity of Physics courses the school.

I have worked in a diverse range of educational contexts around the world: rural Australia, international language camps, Zambia and South Africa. These experiences have emphasised the importance of education to me and ensured I work hard to provide the best possible education for the students in my classroom. My high value of education has also made me committed to my own development as a teaching professional and hence, I am currently reading for my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Manchester. My global outlook on education has been highly valuable to me and drives my work. I strongly believe that in an increasingly global society the importance of a multicultural understanding is crucial, and have worked hard to provide my students with opportunities to develop this.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy exploring the natural world and spend time hiking, canoeing and camping. I have been lucky enough to explore some amazing parts of the Globe and I am always keen for my next adventure, with ambitions to trek the Inca Trails at some point in the near future. I am looking forward to my new adventure with King’s Leadership Academy, where I hope to develop both the students’ passion for science and their appreciation for the world around them.