Umar Hussain

Assistant Principal/Head of Achievement/Director of Curriculum Innovation

I graduated in 2005 from the University of Salford in Business and Information Systems BSc Hons achieving a 2:1.  I joined Greater Manchester Police where I was a Special Constable and served for 3 years alongside my time at University and first full time job role as Analyst working for Barclays.  My growing role at Barclays meant I had gathered significant experience of working with data and numbers.

My experience led me to working with data within education for the previous 10 years.  The first school I started at was just given a ‘Notice to improve’ by Ofsted before I joined, the processes of creating a data led environment meant the school achieved a ‘Good’ 2 years later.  Results improved significantly, achieving above national average in many areas.  This experience then lead me to supporting a number of schools around the country to improve educational outcomes with the use of data and curriculum support.


I truly believe that the power of numbers can change and improve organisations, I feel teaching Maths and helping the students achieve the best possible results and giving the best possible life experiences will always be my number one priority.  My inspiration as a child came from Michael Jordan who was very successful and determined in what he did; I still to this day quote his words to the children that I teach for the purpose of motivation.

Having seen many schools and been involved with a number of professionals, I believe King’s is one of the very best education institutions in the country.  This could not be made possible without a dedicated staff body, students who are eager to learn and parents/guardians who want the very best for their child.