Parent Area

You are currently in the Parent Area, which provides useful information including term dates, the school calendar, a schedule of Parent Consultation Meetings, travel and medical information.

The importance of the

Parental Partnership

We fully recognise that King’s cannot be successful unless we work closely with the parents and carers of our students. If our students are to achieve the success we desire then we must ensure that we are constantly working with you to develop that positive and productive partnership that will benefit the academic success and personal growth of your child.

This partnership will not just be developed through our five reporting cycles and parent review events alone. As a Free School we will seek to involve parents and carers on as many levels as possible.

We would encourage you to:

  • Attend all parent review events and school functions
  • Become a volunteer to help within the Supporters of King’s network
  • Offer your expertise in helping the school further develop its activities
  • Use the school facilities for both family and club events

King's Leadership Academy Warrington fully recognises the need to develop strong parental and community partnerships if we are to ensure our students fully achieve their potential.