Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a place at the school for my child?

Due to our small class size we only have places available when a child leaves the school. We are able to take your details down and place them onto our waiting list for your child’s particular year. We will then aim to contact you as soon as a place becomes available and invite you in for a tour around the school.

What do I do if my child is going to be late or absent?

Please call the school as soon as possible on 01925 817939

My child has a medical/dental appointment. How do I request time away from school?

Your child should bring a note into school signed by you or a medical letter, explaining the reason for leaving early. Before leaving school, your child must go to reception and sign out. We politely request that parents collect their children from reception for appointments.

What do I do if I have to collect my child from school in an emergency?

Please do not contact them by their personal mobile. If you call the Academy reception on 01925 817939, or alternatively arrive at reception  a member of staff will collect your child from their lesson.

We are going on a family holiday during term time. What should I do?

The Principal does not usually authorise holidays during term time and unauthorised holidays will go down on your child’s attendance record as an unauthorised mark. Therefore, we ask you to submit a written request for holiday or prolonged periods of time off to be sent to the Principal.

How/Where can I order uniform?

You can order uniform via our online payment system Tucasi or at the school reception (subject to change when School Colours take over uniform for when we are in the new build).

I have lost/did not receive my SLG online access letter. How do I access my log on details.

Before we can issue new log in details our administration team will need the following security details from the primary parent/carer:

  • Parent’s full name and student’s full name.
  • Home address
  • SLG username
  • Email address

These are then checked by our Network Manager who will  provide you with a new username and password.

How does the school use the 'Pupil Premium'?

For more information regarding the ‘Pupil Premium’ please take the time to read the Pupil Premium Page

How can I pay for my child's school meals?

King’s Leadership Academy asks Parents/Carers to pay for Dinner Money, and School Trips using our on-line payment partner, Tuscasi. This is a totally secure method of payment – please contact the Academy for your log-in details to start using this service.

Dinner money can also be topped up by students by using a cash loading machine in the school hall.

How do I use the Schools Cash Office (Tucasi) System to pay for items online?

You can access the academy’s online payment system to pay for trips, uniform and to top up your child’s dinner balance. This can be accessed by logging directly to the Tucasi website on

Alternatively you can access Tucasi via the King’s Leadership Academy website by clicking the ‘School Shop’ link on our Parent Area.

To find more information about our online payment system click here.

How do I apply for my child to have free school meals?

Application forms and further details can be obtained via the Local Authority website. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence. Please claim if you are eligible and if you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact the Principal or Vice Principal for confidential advice and guidance.

If I have a query concerning my child, who can help?

Form tutors are the first point of contact. If the Form tutor is unavailable to help or if your query is regarding behavior or concerns, you can contact your child’s House Leader.

Please click here to ‘Find your Form Tutor’

My child has lost something, what should they do?

Lost property is held in two locations. Please ask your child to check whether their missing item is with Mr Humphries our facilities manager or Mr Walker, our Science Technician.

If your child has lost their P.E kit they should also check with P.E Staff.

My child doesn't feel well, what should they do?

If your child feels unwell they must inform a member of the administration team. All members of the admin team are first aid trained and your child will be monitored for a period of time at reception.

If necessary, the Admin team will contact you to advise your child is unwell and needs to be collected from the reception area. This decision must be authorised by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and parents must sign their child out of school before they leave the premises.

How do I find out information about my child's detention?

Please contact the school to find out this information.

Parents are advised that as part of our Behaviour Policy, the Academy has the legal authority to issue no-notice detentions to students. Where an after-school detention has been set, the academy will make every attempt to ensure sufficient notice is provided to parents/carers. It should be noted however, the Academy is not legally required to inform parents/carers of a detention, nor is it required to have their permission to keep a child in detention.