A Message from the Principal

Our mission is to ensure that all children succeed and achieve their full potential. It is a privilege to
serve the Woolston community and we know it is our responsibility to help children develop into
young leaders who will positively contribute to society. At King’s Warrington we take this
responsibility very seriously. We care about all of our young people and have created a safe culture
in which all our pupils feel valued.
We live in an ever-changing climate that dynamically evolves. Therefore offering an outstanding,
values-driven and high quality education is more important than ever. We understand the
importance of academic outcomes and our students achieve excellent results. However, we believe
that by developing character, equipping children with leadership skills and confidence, they will
leave school as successful citizens in tomorrow’s world.

We are proud to have created a school that focuses on the ASPIRE values and each of our students
embody these values. They are taught traits such as self-awareness, professionalism and respect
both in and out of the classroom. These values are our lingua franca and result in a real belief that
all children will succeed here; no one will be left behind.
King’s Leadership Academy is a forward thinking, innovative school with many accolades that
demonstrate the first-class education we offer. Alongside this technological focus, we have deeprooted
traditions. Even though we have not been here for centuries, yet, we have established key
habits and routines that have created a real sense of pride and belonging in the community.
As a founding member of staff, it is an honour to continue to serve this community as Principal.