Encouraging Achievement

Cool to Achieve

From day 1 in Y7 we continually stress the maxim that it is ‘cool to achieve’. We have replaced National Curriculum Levels with a new nine point progress tracking system which is based on the GCSE predictions at the end of Y11 that have been determined as a result of our pre-entry assessment systems.
We use ‘prediction plus one’ as the target grade for each student so as to foster aspiration, focus and drive.
There is an increasing body of evidence that young people learn better in ‘short bursts’ and that regular assessment and remediation improves final outcomes. With this in mind Our curriculum is delivered through 5 learning cycles with the first four lasting seven weeks and the final cycle lasting 9 weeks. In week three of each cycle each student will meet with his / her subject teachers and personal mentor to ensure that his / her progress is on track. In week 6 of the first four cycles or week 8 of cycle 5 we hold assessments to check progress and mastery. In the final week of the cycle, called ‘gap week’ , having marked the assessments and identified gaps, errors or misconceptions in individual student knowledge through the assessments we re-teach these areas.

The first four Learning cycles will be 7 weeks in length and will be structured as follows (click to enlarge).

Academically, more than 96% of our pupils make progress in line with national expectations and 80% exceed these expectations.

Hypothesis led teaching

To foster curiosity and challenge each of our lessons begins with a hypothesis led question that drives progress throughout the lesson as students work at testing the hypothesis.

Individual sports

Performance, within the creative arc and enrichment programmes, show that 100% of Y7/8 students have either completed or on target to complete their accredited awards in fencing, ju-jitsu, first aid, swimming, life-saving and sports leadership and that 85% of our pupils regularly take part in extra-curricular activities outside of school hours.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The DoE is compulsory for all students in the academy and, presently, all Y9s students are on target to complete the Bronze Award by the end of the year. Students then complete DoE Silver during Years 10 and 11.

Leadership qualifications

In Years 7 and 8 all students undertake a minimum of 90 minutes of leadership every week through 3 leadership modules written by TFL Education (First Steps to Leadership, Learning to Lead – Born to Lead, and Learning to Lead – Taking the Lead). The programme provides a combination of classroom and activity based lessons delivered in school, and endorsed and certified through TFL Education and the Chartered Management Institute. To build confidence in verbal communications, students also undertake a weekly programme of Public Speaking. CCF cadets, from as early as Year 8, also have access to a huge range of additional leadership qualifications accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management.