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Our mission is to develop in each of our students the academic skills, intellectual habits, qualities of character and leadership traits necessary to succeed at all levels and become successful citizens in tomorrow’s world.

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We are a non-selective mainstream school that delivers first class education to the Woolston and Padgate community

Students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award


Students go on to further education, training and employment

95% +

Students follow the EBacc curriculum


Awarded Lead School status for DfE Behaviour Hubs

AspirationAidan Chan

Being in Year 7, I know it is incredibly important for a person to aspire to achieve goals, ambitions and dreams. Aspiration is what encourages people to do well every single day; it is what gets people out of bed in the morning and it is what makes people strive to be better. When starting school we are encouraged to aspire to have ambitions to aim towards.
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AchievementDaniel Green Lavado

Achievement, to me, means multiple things. As a brief overview, achievement is the success of an aspiration (another ASPIRE value), only accomplished with determination and dedication. Along with this, you may feel enthusiasm, self-confidence, belief, and happiness.
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Self-AwarenessEva Andrews

Self awareness is important to me because it means to be aware of yourself and your actions. Without self awareness it would be harder to learn in lessons because it would mean I would not know what I’m good at and what my weaknesses are.
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IntegrityEvie Brookes

Integrity is important because you are not only being truthful to others but also to yourself. This is the most important value as it means that you have good morals. By having good morals you can easily be trusted, gaining someone’s trust should be classed as an achievement as it can often be hard for people to know if you show full integrity or not, meaning earning that trust is vital.
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RespectAmy Hepburn

Respect is my favourite ASPIRE value because it demonstrates how everybody should be treated the same. This value helps me because it shows me that if somebody is respectful and appreciates me they will always have my support. Friendships that work this way are so very important and I’m very thankful to have them, both in and out of school.
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ProfessionalismLyla Webb

To me, professionalism means to act upon all of the ASPIRE values at King’s. All of our values; aspiration, achievement, self-awareness, integrity, respect and endeavour should be followed using the value of professionalism. For example, showing respect by dressing appropriately according to the event indicates professionalism.
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EndeavourKeira McGuigan

I think that endeavour is the most important value that is included in the ASPIRE values. Endeavour means to try your very hardest to complete everything to the best of your ability. I think this is important because if you don’t try your hardest at everything then you will never know your; strong points, weak points, points of improvement and what you are really capable of.
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