Andrew Wilson

Practitioner of Physics

Science as a whole but primarily physics is a subject that underlies life on the largest scale possible. The laws of nature that apply on a quantum level function similarly with that at a human scale and even up to a galactic scale. This is the reason I enjoy it so much; the ability to transfer a set of basic equations from one circumstance to another whilst maintaining function is incredible.

This is fueled my aspirations to work within science and I started my university career studying mechanical engineering at the University of Bristol. I wanted to further understand the interactions that we take for granted in our daily lives. However, I realised that it wasn’t necessarily the understanding that I craved but the ability to translate and impart that information on other people that I fundamentally adored. I took my detailed subject knowledge in physics and transferred to Edge Hill university. Whereby, I completed my degree in Secondary Science Education (Physics).

Outside of teaching I am a keen hockey player, having played from a primary school age all the way to the present day. I have represented county, regional, university and club teams around the country. Not only do I play hockey but I also hold coaching and umpiring qualifications so that I can facilitate more people enjoying the sport.

It was during my final year on my university course that I started looking for my first teaching job. Through a recommendation from my university tutor I was told about a vacancy at King’s Warrington. Before I decided to apply I had a detailed telephone conversation with Mr. Ierston, during which I realised that the beliefs and ethos of the school were incredibly closely linked with my own thoughts on the education system. The ASPIRE code has been attuned throughout the school and clearly allows for world-class teaching & learning to occur. Teaching at King’s is a delight due to our vigorous unified belief in all of our students. We set high expectations in the confident knowledge that our students can not only attain this level of achievement but surpass them.