Andrew Thomas

Practitioner of Science

I have admired teachers of all kinds throughout my life. My mother for reading to me and encouraging my curiosity, my grandfather for teaching me the value of hard work and the ingenuity that running a small farm requires, my brother who was always up for debating history and honing our rhetoric. Outstanding mentors in my formal education profoundly affected me and my understanding of the world. I endeavored to be like them, an eternal student who loved to share; I saw myself becoming a teacher.

However, there was one vocation that I was solely focused on in those formative years. I joined the United States Marine Corps as a cannon crewman. I was surrounded by a whole new set of leaders to emulate, comrades to trust, and traditions and skills pass on. The lessons I learned and the friends I made will always be with me, and I feel privileged to be able to pass a little of that on with our RAF Cadet program.

After my enlistment I decided to go back home and attended Middle Tennessee State University to pursue an education in one of my earliest fascinations, agriculture. In my tenure I managed the university’s outdoor crop laboratories, officiated several clubs, and took leadership roles in regional and national horticultural societies. I also had the privilege of assisting, conducting, and publishing research on plant propagation. I graduated with a BSc. Plant and Soil Science, Minor Biology- specializing in plant physiology, horticulture, and integrated agricultural practices.

My time in university gave me one gift I never anticipated, while on an official function I met my future partner. After graduating from MTSU I moved the Warrington so that we could be together. The opportunity to teach in my adopted home has been a wonderful juxtaposition. I find myself once again a student of a new place and people; fortunate both to learn and to share my understanding of the world we inhabit.

King’s immediately stood out to me when I began searching for schools in the area. The focus on professional discipline, academic rigor, and virtue makes for a strenuous yet rewarding environment.  Our ASPIRE code is an acknowledgement that achievement comes from a synthesis of qualities that must be honed every day. In my short time at King’s I’ve observed our motto ‘Credimus’ to be true, and ‘I believe’ as well.