Eva Gallego

Subject Lead Maths

I am from Burgos, a small and charming city in Northern Spain, where I went to school and college. I have always been an enthusiastic student, and used to spend my summers looking forward to starting school again in September. I viewed each new academic year as a challenge: new concepts, new teachers and new friends.

I was a proactive member of the school community, serving on the School Council and volunteering to help other students with mathematics. What I loved most was the moment when students´ eyes sparkled because they had just understood how something worked. My teachers were always passionate about their subjects and tried to elicit the same in their pupils. As a teacher of mathematics at King’s, I am keen to convey the same passion and enthusiasm for my subject.

Although studying mathematics at Master’s level meant that I had to leave my family and friends at home to move to Madrid, I knew that mathematics was my future and could not let such an opportunity pass. After five years of hard work, specialising in Astronomy and Geodesy, I secured a 2:1 in maths and decided I wanted to become a teacher. To gain Qualified Teacher status, I completed a Master’s Degree the following year.

In 2011 I came to the UK, initially just for three months to improve my English. However, I enjoyed England so much that I decided to stay and work for an International energy company. This experience helped me realise that office work was not for me and how much I missed teaching and developing minds of the future.

I was thrilled four years ago when I joined the Mathematics department at King’s Leadership Academy, where I was able to develop the talents in young adults and their love for the most amazing subject in the world – mathematics.

Now I am extremely excited to take on a new challenge, leading the Mathematics department with the same values that we inculcate pupils in the school, and ensuring our pupils receive the best education possible.

Along with maths, I also adore ballet: the precision and discipline required to perform a piece of music are the same needed in maths to solve a problem. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, spending time with friends and family, reading, and cooking.