James Robinson

KS4 Maths Lead

I have been passionate about mathematics from an early age and have always known I would pursue a career in the subject. After completing university and receiving a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics I proceeded to complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Liverpool John Moores University. For me, mathematics is such an important subject as, not only does it introduce students to key mathematical discoveries, it also helps develop problem solving skills useful in everyday life. Mathematics is involved in everything we do, from finance to architecture, motor sport to astrophysics and making this a part of my lessons is very important to me.

I have a keen interest in motorsport, particularly Formula One. The thrill of the high speed action combined with the use of modern technology and the importance of teamwork come together to create the best sport in the world. The presence of mathematics in the sport means that I can involve elements of Formula One in school. I also have an interest in Ultimate Frisbee. After playing at university I realised that the values of the sport and its focus on the ‘spirit of the game’ make it a perfect candidate for school sports. This and the fact that the sport has recently been recognised by the International Olympic Committee make me believe that a club at Kings would be successful.

The values at Kings, the ASPIRE code and the absolute professionalism of all the staff and students compound my belief that this new school is destined to achieve great things and I feel excited and privileged to be a part of it.