Louise France

Practitioner of MFL

Languages fill the world around us and without even realising we are exposed to them on a daily basis. Speaking a language is not only an academic and communicative skill, but also a chance to empathise and connect with people. This connection and emotive reaction of speaking another language led to me studying German and Spanish language at Manchester Metropolitan University. I knew from a very young age that languages would be my love for the rest of my life. During my studies, I had the opportunity to study abroad at two universities in Germany and Spain.

During my time abroad, I was exposed to many different cultures and other languages to both those of the countries I lived in and further a field. The experience led me to working in an English academy in Valladolid, a city within Spain, near to the north of Madrid. I also spent some time as an English language assistant in a school in Mallorca and these experiences led to me pursuing my love of teaching. I completed my degree in joint honours Spanish and German and took the decision to move onto Edge Hill University where I completed my PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages and received outstanding teacher status.

From the beginning of my teaching career, I have been passionate about teaching and learning and remain to be enthusiastic about languages. This is something I aim to show to our pupils daily and I am consistently looking for ways to improve my pedagogy in order to provide our pupils with the best possible teaching.

In my spare time, I love travelling and spending time with my family and friends. Communication and spending time with others is a huge part of my life and lends itself well to the subject I am so passionate about. I also play on the staff netball team and love anything competitive!

My belief is that King’s is school that is providing pupils from all backgrounds with the best possible education. This is something I am very proud to be a part of. The staff that we employ are extremely hard working and our values-led education is something which I strongly believe in; something which helps shape our pupils into confident, successful young adults. I only hope that I can inject enthusiasm and curiosity for our pupils through language learning to help develop them both as students and language learners.