Entry Requirements

Our Sixth Form comprises 120 students per year group.

Entry Requirements

Our standard academic entry requirements into Sixth Form at King’s are:

  • Students must achieve Grade Point 6 (Grade B) or higher in each of the subjects to be studies at A Level.
  • Where there subject has not been studied at GCSE (e.g. Computer Science), we would expect to see evidence of Grade Point 6 (Grade B) or higher in related subjects.
  • These results should be accompanied with at least two other GCSEs at Grade Point 5 (Grade C) or higher, which must include English and Mathematics if they are not one of the chosen A Level subjects.
  • If you have an average GCSE point scheme score of 7 or mor you will be able to select a 4 A Level programme.
  • If you have an average GCSE point scheme of 6 you will be encouraged to start with a 3 A Level programme plus the Extended Project.

Grades and Grade Points

To calculate you average GCSE points score, add up the points score for each of the subjects studied at GCSE which you wish to pursue at A Level. Now divide your total points score by the number of subjects. Points are allocated to each GCSE grade as follows:

A** = 9

A* = 8

A = 7

B = 6

C = 5

D = 4

E = 3

F = 2

G = 1


New entrants to the Sixth Form can apply for Bursary Funding, which is awarded depending on household income. A number of bursaries will be available each year. There is also a bursary fund (paid on receipt of A Level results) available to a select number of our highest performing students which can be used to cover living costs at University or help with travelling costs during a gap year.