Mr T Casey

Leader of Numeracy

As someone who has had a love of numbers and problem-solving from an early age, my journey through education has always had a focus on mathematics. From studying maths & further maths at A-Level, and going on to gain a Masters degree in Mathematics with Education at the University of Liverpool, I've always known the direction my life would take. I'm passionate about sharing my love of the subject with others, and inspiring them to think critically and creatively, while enjoying the challenge that can come with solving a tough maths problem.

Outside the classroom, I love to hike and travel. I love to experience different cultures and learn about their histories and landscapes. I love food and I believe you can learn so much about a culture through its cuisine, so that's always a big focus for me when I travel.

I'm really passionate about providing equal opportunities through education, and strive to create an inclusive environment where every student can thrive and work towards their goals, with no glass ceilings holding them back.