Miss C Yau

Teaching Scholar

One afternoon, a long time ago, in Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, a school bus had just parked by the roadside. As the door swung open, one of my Y6 classmates swiftly dashed off the bus, clutching his school uniform jacket. The nanny on the bus barely had time to assist him.

Then, the door closed.

I watched as he hurried over to his mother. Instead of a bright smile or a warm embrace, his mother “greeted” him with a sharp tap on the back of his head with her right hand, while her left hand forcefully pulled his jacket onto him, her face stern and disapproving.

I was taken aback by this scene, but in the next moment, I quickly rationalised, thinking perhaps it was because of his mischievous behaviour that his mother was displeased with him.

Suddenly, the nanny's voice, filled with both sympathy and pity, reached my ears unexpectedly: "No wonder he's so naughty and hard to discipline! All he did was take off his jacket because he felt hot. Does his mother really need to scold and hit him for that?"

Unexpectedly, even as a Y6 kid at the time, a sense of indescribable purpose surged within me:


I wanted to make a difference!


This changed my life forever.


Because I realised I had found my life's purpose and meaning: I want to dedicate myself to the field of education, to make children feel cared for, and to help them grow positively. I want to make a difference.


So, I pursued a degree in Language Education at The Education University of Hong Kong, graduating with First Class Honours, and became a Chinese teacher. Four years ago, I made the bold decision to move to the UK. Despite being far from home, I never forgot my ideals. Thus, I enroled in the PGCE MFL programme at the University of Bolton, becoming a qualified language teacher in the UK. Here, at King’s Leadership Academy, a secondary school committed to nurturing every child to become successful citizens of the future, I strive every moment to fulfil the promise I made to myself years ago. I lead by example, guiding them to commit to all of the ASPIRE values. As a language teacher, I also lead by example, dedicating my spare time to further study in Spanish through SKE for Teachers and expanding my knowledge of MFL pedagogy, showcasing a deep interest in language and culture and broadening my horizons. Additionally, despite the busy schedule, I persist in my passion for creative pursuits, especially writing. I believe that even with just a pen, sincere intentions, and a commitment to humanity, one can possess the power to change the world.


In the future, I will continue to uphold my original intention, persistently striving to fulfil my commitment to making a difference, as British writer Samuel Johnson once said: "Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance."